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  1. Track Dates

    Currently you can set tracks according to:

    a. a start date, and

    b. forward dates.

    Track functionality and usefulness would be significantly advanced it you could:

    a. Specify actions according to key dates associated with the listing record (i.e. listing date, expiry date, contract date, expected unconditional date and expected settlement date), and

    b. dates could be calculated forward and back from a these dates.

    We were able to do this in our previous software and it was great . . .

    71 votes

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    11 comments  ·  Tracks / Templates  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    It looks like there’s 2 requirement requests going on here:

    1. Triggering addition of tracks based on an event.
    2. Having reminders that are attached to floating dates (e.g. unconditional date, settlement date etc). E.g. 3 days before unconditional.

    Would be good to get some more info on both of these items.

    1. Regarding triggering addition of tracks based on events:

    • Presumably you want support for this in multiple modules. If so, is it all modules or just some?
    • For each module, what are the events that you think should be supported for triggering track addition?
    • Is this an automatic process or is the user prompted to add the track when the event occurs.
    • If the desire is for the track addition it to be automatic, how do we deal with questions like which contact should a track be attached to in a listing or property that includes multiple contacts…
  2. Can we add the 'test merge' feature in the template section again please

    So you don't have to find a contact or property to test the letter/email settings and you can test the letter/email in the same screen so you can see finish product in case you need to edit things...

    39 votes

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    2 comments  ·  Tracks / Templates  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    This is semi complete with a recent release. You can now preview how content will render to a letter (the system will fully render the PDF with letter head etc. if appropriate).

    Sample merge tag data at this stage is still not supported.

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