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  1. Share contact/call Info from my phone to Pocket app

    A feature in Pocket that would allow me to share a recent caller (ie: their phone number) who was not previously in my database with Pocket.

    This would then send the new callers phone number to Pocket and it would prompt me to create a new contact.

    Alternatively, a method to add the name and phone number from my phone directly from my phone into Pocket.

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  2. Add in Dormant Status to Hot Warm Cold ranking

    We need a new "dormant" status which reflects contacts that are in the database and should receive passive marketing information but should not be actively marketed to / contacted by sales people.

    This will help by discerning between unresponsive leads and long term cold leads which must be followed up.

    This status reflects a comfortable middle ground between a "DNC" status and a "Cold" contact.

    29 votes

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    Hi Grant,
    Our developers thought very highly of your suggestion. It hasn’t been approved just yet (as the developers are still brainstorming possible ways that it could be implemented into the system) but we’re hopeful it will become a future Rex feature at some point down the road. Thanks again for your great idea, and taking an active interest in the development of Rex.

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