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Please include as much detail as possible about what the feature is and how the feature would make your life easier – this will encourage other rex users to vote for your request rather than creating a duplicate idea. The more votes you get the quicker your idea will come to our attention :)

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2 results found

  1. Modify templates

    The ability to modify or delete templates, tracks, mail merges etc that come with the system. Rather than duplicating the template, which creates clutter some templates only need minor modification to suit our business style.

    3 votes

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    Hi there, there is a reason these work the way that they do – it allows us to push updates to our templates out.

    Once you have duplicated the template, simply “hide” our template via the action menu available in the admin area and they will no longer appear in your system. For more info on this please contact our support team.

  2. We need the ability in the word processing area to know if the a letter/document is running over onto a second page - basically like in word

    There is no way when you create a letter/document to know when the text goes onto a second page cannot see this until you download the document. At this point if it has gone over and you need to amend you have to create the document and start again and this process goes on and on until you get the formatting correct.
    It would be a lot easier to view the document like you can in Microsoft word so you can see when the text moves to the next page etc.

    44 votes

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    Hi Guys,

    We barely ever say entirely no to features, but this one is technically impossible for us to implement.

    A very large number of factors go in to determining whether a letter will go over on to multiple pages (going from simplest to most complicated):

    • Page Margins.
    • Line Height.
    • Font Height / height of individual characters which varies from font to font.
    • Manual Page Breaks injected by you.
    • The way that a font is rendered on your operating system.

    The way that microsoft word – a tool with millions of lines of code (built exclusively for word processing) is written – is very different to the way that our web based editor is written and its capabilities are very different to the ones that we have access to.

    Unfortunately without actually rendering the letter we don’t have any idea how many pages long it will be.

    If this is…

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