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  1. Worksheet not working for deductions -

    Worksheet not working for deductions - Deductions in the Commission Worksheet – Deductions types should be switched around. Currently if there is a marketing fee (2b) and a referral/conjunction fee (2a) they have to be entered under the incorrect header as the marketing fee is a commission reduction that is applicable to the referral/conjunction fee.

    2 votes

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    In most situations I can’t imagine an agency would agree to accept 30% of the total commission after you had removed a marketing fee?

    If you do have this situation you may need to simply enter a specific dollar figure to compensate.

  2. Combine sales advice & commission worksheet

    It would be excellent if we had the option to print the sales advice and commission worksheet together on 1 page, at the moment we have to sort of tear off the commission worksheet and staple it to the bottom of sales advice for all the information to be neatly on the front of our contract folders.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. The effort required to synchronise these flows together is too large to consider at the current point in time. There is however a release coming soon which will heavily optimise the process of sending sales advices/memos.

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